Jun 28

I Saw Uranus; It Was Really Small, Pt. 2

…It’s a lot rounder now!  Thanks, in part, to the fact that I actually knew what I was looking at. Well, what did you expect I’d find when looking at Uranus? All joking aside (I know it’s so hard!) I have to say that I’m very proud of this image; this tiny aqua-bluish tiny dot […]

Dec 28

I Saw Uranus; It Was Really Small

Go ahead.  Giggle it up!  I’ll proceed with the post, bloviate a bit and then explain why it actually shouldn’t be as funny as it is.  Well, I take that back.  See, to geriatric Millennials such as myself, it will ALWAYS be funny!  Who wouldn’t think it hysterical to go to class and learn about […]

Dec 10

Lunar Occultation (Almost) of Mars

Well, kids, as the title says it was “almost” a spectacular event.  A lunar occultation of a planetary body (say that 5 times really fast to your teacher!).  We’re located about 500 miles south of the viewing region.  So we couldn’t actually see Mars pass behind the moon, it kind of went to the side […]

Oct 8


Amateurly processed image of Saturn. More specifically, this is a snippet taken from a video I took by holding my iPhone up to the telescope eyepiece. Equipment: 6″ Orion SkyQuest Dobsonian reflector with handheld iPhone 11 Pro Max. (10-07-2022)