Nov 11


Okay, here I go with the word-play.  I am being Sirius, though.  No, Siriusly… As I previously mentioned, the astronomical viewing conditions on the night of the total lunar eclipse could not have been much better than they were for our area of the world.  Given the fact that the first detectable trace of penumbra […]

Oct 31

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse…

In honor of Halloween here’s a pun of a post.  Reminiscent of the 80’s movie “Beetle Juice,” here’s its astronomical namesake, Betelgeuse.  This star is a red supergiant of spectral type M1-2 and one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye.  If Betelgeuse were at the center of our Solar System, its surface […]