Nov 17

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 Video

I recently threw together this nerdy little video documenting the last total lunar eclipse that we’ll be able to see until 2025. It’s basically a slideshow put to “music” with the addition of a shameless plug. You can also view it on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Nov 9

Lunar Eclipse 2022

So, here it is. The last total lunar eclipse until 2025. I was very fortunate to have had near perfect viewing conditions relative to my part of the world….Daphne, AL. I sure made every effort to capitalize on the clear skies. I was able to stay awake until just before dawn, and I must say […]

Oct 19

The Moon

Who doesn’t love a cool pic of the moon? I also enjoy the deep black abyss surrounding our only natural satellite in this uncropped image….

Oct 9

Jupiter with Moons

Amateurly processed image of Jupiter with two of its Galilean moons, Callisto and Io. Also, the famed ‘Great Red Spot’ is faintly visible in the upper right quadrant of the planet. (10-07-2022)