Nov 23

Jupiter Neglect

Kids, I just realized I’ve been somewhat neglecting the planet that sent me (us) down this rabbit hole of amateur astronomy…Jupiter.  I feel a tad bit guilty for not paying him the proper homage worthy of such a massive planet.  How massive, you ask?  What a great question, kids (I knew I was doing a […]

Oct 9

Jupiter with Moons

Amateurly processed image of Jupiter with two of its Galilean moons, Callisto and Io. Also, the famed ‘Great Red Spot’ is faintly visible in the upper right quadrant of the planet. (10-07-2022)

Oct 7

First Telescopic View of Jupiter

This is the spark that ignited my passion for astronomy. I had already developed a keen interest in all things “Space” thanks to my daughter, who will be the first human to set foot on Mars (my son’s going to be a Blue Angel, but I don’t think he realizes yet that Navy fighter pilots […]