Nov 23

Jupiter Neglect

Kids, I just realized I’ve been somewhat neglecting the planet that sent me (us) down this rabbit hole of amateur astronomy…Jupiter.  I feel a tad bit guilty for not paying him the proper homage worthy of such a massive planet.  How massive, you ask?  What a great question, kids (I knew I was doing a […]

Nov 18

Model Rocketry (Second Launch)

So, for our family’s second launch we had a professional cameraperson… Space Mama.  As you may be able to tell, in comparison to our first launch, we used a slightly more powerful engine.  I must say the difference was quite noticeable.  But, what do I know?  After all we are only just getting started! We […]

Nov 17

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 Video

I recently threw together this nerdy little video documenting the last total lunar eclipse that we’ll be able to see until 2025. It’s basically a slideshow put to “music” with the addition of a shameless plug. You can also view it on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Nov 11


Okay, here I go with the word-play.  I am being Sirius, though.  No, Siriusly… As I previously mentioned, the astronomical viewing conditions on the night of the total lunar eclipse could not have been much better than they were for our area of the world.  Given the fact that the first detectable trace of penumbra […]

Nov 9

Lunar Eclipse 2022

So, here it is. The last total lunar eclipse until 2025. I was very fortunate to have had near perfect viewing conditions relative to my part of the world….Daphne, AL. I sure made every effort to capitalize on the clear skies. I was able to stay awake until just before dawn, and I must say […]

Nov 5

Houston, We Have a Series?

Slightly off topic, I wanted to take a moment to mention the World Series 2022.  Specifically, the Houston Astros. See, growing up in New Orleans, LA and spending a good bit of time in Mobile, AL, I never really got into baseball like I did football (Geaux Saints!).  But when I did dabble in MLB, […]

Nov 1

Model Rocketry (First Launch)

For the sake of diversification, I’ve decided it is time to add a post, or two, on model rocketry.  For my first ever launch, with the assistance of my kids (M filmed and T retrieved), I must admit to being an overly protective parent.  I didn’t know what to expect.  In an effort to model […]