Nov 5

Houston, We Have a Series?

Slightly off topic, I wanted to take a moment to mention the World Series 2022.  Specifically, the Houston Astros.

See, growing up in New Orleans, LA and spending a good bit of time in Mobile, AL, I never really got into baseball like I did football (Geaux Saints!).  But when I did dabble in MLB, it was a matter of pulling for the geographically nearest team….the Atlanta Braves.  Or so I was told at the age of 5.

But now I’m older, “wiser.”  And have become a space nerd, thanks to my kids.  And have come to the recent realization that I should actually be a baseball fan.  From where did I ever think the Houston Astros got their name?  Houston, we have a lightbulb.  (Sorry, I can’t resist.)

You’re smart (you’re here, on this site) and can put two and two together.  So I’ll wrap this up and go watch the the game.

Go Astros!!!

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