Nov 1

Model Rocketry (First Launch)

For the sake of diversification, I’ve decided it is time to add a post, or two, on model rocketry.  For my first ever launch, with the assistance of my kids (M filmed and T retrieved), I must admit to being an overly protective parent.  I didn’t know what to expect.  In an effort to model good citizenship for my kiddoes, I even called the Mobile Police Department’s non-emergency number to make sure it was okay for us to launch a model rocket at a local public park.  The sergeant who returned my call was really cool.  He told me that before returning my call, he looked up local statutes regarding model rocket launches and could not find any ordinances regulating such an event.  Green light!

The good sergeant then proceeded to make a suggestion for a launch sight.  The one I initially proposed was at a fairly well-visited park in a more densely populated part of the city.  And with it being Father’s Day, there could have potentially been a lot more people than normal.

Sarge recommended a county park that I had never heard of…apparently neither had anyone else!  When the kids and I arrived, we found a great big, open, deserted field!  As you’ll see in the video, I went just a little overboard with the whole safety thing.  I’m glad I didn’t actually bring the fire extinguisher.


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