Nov 17

Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 Video

I recently threw together this nerdy little video documenting the last total lunar eclipse that we’ll be able to see until 2025. It’s basically a slideshow put to “music” with the addition of a shameless plug. You can also view it on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Nov 9

Lunar Eclipse 2022

So, here it is. The last total lunar eclipse until 2025. I was very fortunate to have had near perfect viewing conditions relative to my part of the world….Daphne, AL. I sure made every effort to capitalize on the clear skies. I was able to stay awake until just before dawn, and I must say […]

Oct 19

The Moon

Who doesn’t love a cool pic of the moon? I also enjoy the deep black abyss surrounding our only natural satellite in this uncropped image….